The FirstEnergy Harrison Scheme Page

I put this page together so that you can find links to all my posts on the Harrison plant boondoggle in one place.  These posts extend all the way back to my FirstEnergy “resource plan” post in September 2012, the link at the very bottom of the page.

Here are my most recent posts on expert testimony in the PSC case.  These posts take a detailed look at the many complicated issues in the case.

Pam Kasey Takes Apart FirstEnergy Price Negotiation Claim, 6/4/13

More on PSC Cross-Examination, 6/3/13

Grounded Has Harrison Cross-Examination Coverage, 5/31/13

Low PJM Capacity Prices Bad News for FirstEnergy Scheme, 5/26/13

FirstEnergy Has No Problem Purchasing Power, Except for WV, 5/8/13

More on FirstEnergy Harrison Spin, 5/7/13

FirstEnergy CEO Spin on Harrison Situation, 5/7/13

Coal Not an Issue in Harrison Case, 4/29/13

RISK: The Big Issue in the Harrison Case, 5/2/13

Common Sense as an Electricity Resource, 5/6/13

Mon Power’s Problem is Peak Load, and Harrison Is the Worst Possible Solution, 5/1/13

WV PSC Consumer Advocate Points to FirstEnergy’s Broken Promise, 4/30/13

Flood of Intervenor Testimony Takes Apart FE’s Harrison Plant Scheme, 4/29/13

And some related posts:

FirstEnergy Efficiency Program Fails to Meet 2012 Targets, 3/6/13

Worker Killed at Harrison Power Station, 3/21/13

FirstEnergy Ship Sinking, Highest Paid Power Company CEO Goes on Spending Spree, 1/15/13

Rates from a Sinking Ship, 1/14/13

Efficiency as a Power Resource, 12/22/13

Plus, my earlier posts:

The Real Problem with the Harrison Coal Dump: It’s All About Risk, 03/1/13

FirstEnergy Needs a Bailout Badly, 3/1/13

FirstEnergy Still Trying for that Harrison Plant Rate Increase, 1/30/13

IOGA Intervenes in PSC FirstEnergy Coal Dump Case, 1/8/13

WV PSC Rejects Stupid FE Plan to Take Away Our Rate Cut, 12/17/12

Everything You Need to Know About FE’s Harrison Plant Coal Dump, 12/17/12

FirstEnergy Harrison Plant Deal About Much More than Rates, 12/4/12

Sorting Out the FirstEnergy Harrison Power Station Mess, 12/3/12

FirstEnergy Offers WV Rate Payers a Pig in a Poke, 11/30/12

FirstEnergy Wants to Double their Money on Harrison Power Plant with Magic, 11/29/12

Grounded Has Excellent Info on FE Harrison Coal Dump, 11/27/12

FirstEnergy Wants to Take Away WV Rate Cut, 11/20/12

FirstEnergy Announces Coal Plant Dumping on WV, 11/9/12

“Resource Plan” or Pathetic Attempt to Dum Coal Power on Rate Payers?, 9/5/12

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