Denmark, World Leader

Denmark is one of the world’s energy leaders.  Early on in the PATH fight, I came across this great article by Elizabeth Kolbert in the New Yorker that helped me understand that we really can remake our energy world.

I was inspired by Ms. Kolbert’s account of Samsø Island’s remarkable accomplishments, and in September 2014, I visited Denmark to see for myself.  Here are the posts I wrote about what I learned on my trip:

District Heating, the Secret of Denmark’s Success

Renewable Electric Power in Denmark

Samsø and Calhoun County, West Virginia

Denmark and the US

Here are two other posts on Denmark that were not connected to my recent trip:

Good Overview of Denmark’s Renewable Energy Situation

Well, Duh.  Biogas.

While we were at the Energy Academy on Samsø, we saw a group of college students from Maine on a three week residency on the island.  Here are part 1 and part 2 of a video about their visit.  There are lots of great scenes in the video that I describe in some of my posts.  The videos also give you a good picture of the impact that the Energy Academy has on the rest of the world.

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