A Primer for Intervenors

If you are an intervenor in the PATH case at the WV PSC, you should start by reading the AEP/Allegheny Power application.  The application, especially Appendix H, lays out the power companies’ reasons why they think PATH is needed.  Actually, PJM Interconnection is in the business making the argument that PATH is needed, but for some reason, PJM is not an applicant in the case.

Over the last eight months, I have learned a lot about the electrical power system in the US, especially in the PJM Interconnection region.  I have created five pages that cover some topics that you will see in the PATH application.

You should view the pages in order as listed below, because I introduce concepts in the earlier pages that are used in the later pages.  These pages are:

Peak Demand, the basis for PJM’s claim that PATH is needed

Demand Side Management (DSM), the clear alternative to PATH

Base Load, the basic level of electricity produced to maintain power service

New Power Generation in the PJM region, what it means for a stronger grid

PJM’s Black Box, what is wrong with PJM’s argument for PATH