Mon Power Down Again

I’m sitting here in my office pondering a conundrum.  Back in 2013, the WV PSC granted Ohio-based power company holding companies AEP and FirstEnergy the right to add significant new charges to WV electric bills to cover the costs of a new right-of-way maintenance program that would reduce the regular blackouts that hit West Virginians.

The PSC just granted FirstEnergy’s Mon Power and Potomac Edison a new base rate increase which includes the cost of this program that was supposed to increase system reliability in WV.  Mon Power and Potomac Edison rate payers are now paying a surcharge that will bring in $50 million a year to the power companies for supposedly enhanced right-of-way maintenance.

Yesterday morning, with Mon Power’s electricity still coming in through my meter, I thought that maybe WV rate payers might actually be getting their money’s worth.  FirstEnergy has made a big right-of-way clearing push in Calhoun County in the last two years.  They have even illegally sprayed my neighbors with herbicides.

Well, I was wrong.  Yesterday (Friday), just after noon, Mon Power’s power went down.  We have 15 solar panels, 8 six-volt batteries and lots of sunshine today, so we have plenty of power.

Back in 2013, the PSC and the power companies told us everything would be fine if West Virginians just forked over more money.  Guess what?  This recent storm has knocked out power to over 100,000 customers.  How have things changed?

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2 thoughts on “Mon Power Down Again

  1. Can’t say anything for Mon Power. As you know, last year, we managed to reduce a 17.2.% Potomac Edison increase to about 7%. Part of this is supposed to be for right of way maintenance.
    I haven’t been privy to Potomac Edison’s budget, but I dare say the effort they put out for right of way maintenance will be equivalent to what they were spending BEFORE the rate increase approval.There may be more money spent, but that will be due to the increased cost of the contracts to the right of way clearing firms.
    I still maintain what many of us told the PSC in Shepherdstown in October 2014—- that right of way maintenance is a routine and predictable cost of doing business, which has been calculated into the last tariff approved.
    The 7+% rate increase with earmarked funds for right of way maintenance will allow the money from the old rates (to maintain rights of way) to be allocated for other things. These include, but are not limited to, lobbying against renewable electric generation, executive bonuses, campaign donations to WV Legislature Candidates, posh meetings for Upper Management, etc.
    I feel as though First Energy, Potomac Edison, Mon Power, the WV Legislature, and the WV Public Service Commission see “SUCKER” emblazoned on the ratepayers’ foreheads.

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