Gov. Tomblin Signs HB 2001 Into Law

Gov. Tomblin signed HB 2001 into law today.  The bill repealed the Alternative and Renewable Energy Act of 2009 and replaced it with a statute titled “Net Metering of Customer-Generators,” preserving statutory authority for net metering.

SB 1 remains in the House Energy Committee.  HB 2201, a stand alone bill to insert a faulty definition into the net metering law, remains in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  While it looks more likely that these bills will languish in these committees for the rest of the session, they could be revived and might effect some further changes in the net metering law that Gov. Tomblin signed today.

Thanks to the vigilant and swift acting solar power community in WV, the new net metering law is a great victory for all West Virginians.  As a bonus, the veneer of having something called a portfolio standard has been stripped away from WV’s coal and gas industry controlled state government.

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