More Samso/US Connections

I have posted about my trip to Denmark in late September on The Power Line.  While we were on Samsø Island, we saw a group of college students from the College of the Atlantic in Maine at the Energy Academy.  They were in the middle of a three week study of how to translate Samsø’s achievements into workable solutions for island communities on the Maine coast.

I have just come across a two part video of the students’ trip that will give you a much better idea of what is happening on Samsø than the few photos I posted.  There are great scenes of the Samsø countryside, the island’s offshore wind farm, the inside of the Ballen Brundby district heating plant in operation and the big solar charging station for the municipality’s fleet of electric cars.

Here is Part 1

and here is Part 2.

You can’t really appreciate the leadership power of the people on Samsø unless you see what they are doing in action.  The people who work at the Energy Academy tell you right away that all the technical stuff is easy.  The technologies available to us all are by now tried and true.  The Energy Academy people say the real issue is transforming the way people think about the connections among energy, economics and their communities.  This lesson has now spread to rural Maine.

And, no, they weren’t filming the day we were there, so we didn’t get into the videos.

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