“Kemptown” Substation at Mt. Airy Shot Down in Frederick County

Here is Ginny McColl’s MacColl’s (sorry for the earlier spelling error, Ginny) Facebook post in its entirety:

It’s official! Zoning Text Amendment #ZT-12-14 – passed unanimously by the Board of County Commissioners. An electric substation of 500kV or more must be in a LI or GI (industrial) zone, not AG!! Also, the Board of Appeals may take into consideration homes within 1000 feet of a special exception.

Ginny and all the other Citizens Against the Kemptown Electric Substation (CAKES) have won their great victory in Maryland.

This victory removes a huge weight that still hung over the heads of Mt. Airy’s homeowners.  PATH was just one of many high voltage transmission lines that FirstEnegy wanted to connect at the proposed substation.  The elimination of PATH did not necessarily mean the elimination of the substation.  Now, the Frederick County Zoning Board of Appeals Commission has killed the substation too.

Will AEP/FE try to claim that buying the land for the substation was “prudently incurred” when they didn’t even apply for a zoning exception until after they bought the property?  What prudent person in their right mind would do that?  You can bet they will try to make us pay for this huge mistake, as well as PATH.

Update:  Ginny has added a link to the Frederick News Post story here.

One thought on ““Kemptown” Substation at Mt. Airy Shot Down in Frederick County

  1. New value of $8M “Kemptown” substation property PATH holds and will be selling soon? $1.98! Well, wasn’t that a prudent expense?


    Congrats to the citizens of Maryland on another awesome victory!

    No donut hole substation… EVER!

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