Mt. Airy Substation Dead – PATH Has Lost Eastern Terminus

Ginny MacColl, our great friend over at CAKES, reported today that AEP/FirstEnergy’s 30 day deadline has passed to appeal the Frederick County Circuit Court ruling upholding the local Zoning Board of Appeals’ rejection of the Mt. Airy substation.  The power companies failed to appeal in the appointed time, so the Circuit Court judge’s ruling will stand.  AEP/FirstEnergy cannot build their PATH substation near Mt. Airy as planned, which the power companies called the Kemptown Substation.

This is a great victory, and another sign that PATH is dead.

Now we need to ask why AEP/FirstEnergy wasted rate payers’ money on a land purchase without getting zoning approval first.  Oh, and we are all paying for this multi-million dollar mistake through PATH’s federal cost recovery process, on which AEP/FirstEnergy also collect a guaranteed return on equity of over 12%.

AEP/FirstEnergy own a nice piece of farm land in the middle of 1500 residential properties.  All they can do is farm it.  And we’re paying them to do it.  PJM and FERC need to kill this useless boondoggle once and for all.

Here’s a link to more from the Frederick News Post.

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