WV Media Blackout on Alternative One Continues

The Martinsburg Journal’s Matt Armstrong appears to be the only West Virginia reporter covering House Concurrent Resolution 58.  Here is today’s story.

In the last month or two, there has been some reporting on Alternative One.  In all of these stories, reporters have allowed AEP/Allegheny FirstEnergy publicists to confuse the Mt. Storm to Doubs rebuild with the much larger Alternative One project.  No reporter has challenged these deliberately misleading statements.  No one has reported the fact that the Virginia SCC has ordered the power companies to provide an evaluation of Alternative One on an equal footing with PATH, while the WV PSC has failed to require this analysis.

It’s no wonder Sen. Manchin can get away with such whoppers as his recent statement that “I thought PATH was dead.”

It appears that, when it comes to WV reporting on PATH and Alternative One, Mark Twain was right, “”If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”  There are a few exceptions, like the Journal and the Hur Herald and the Weston Democrat, as well as Ken Ward’s reporting in the Gazette, but these are exceptions, not the rule.