Deadline for PATH EIS Comments Extended to Aug. 20

NPS coordinator for the PATH EIS process Morgan Elmer announced at the Tucker County public scoping meeting that the deadline for public comments on the scope of the PATH EIS will be extended to August 20, 2010.  This deadline can be confirmed on the NPS PATH Web site here.  If you were worried about pulling your comments together before August 5, you have two more weeks to send them in.

NPS people told us at the meeting that the will accept comments on the scope of the EIS right up until the EIS is finalized, but if you get your comments in by August 20, NPS and USFS officials will have them to review before they begin to make their own decisions about the scope of the study.  So if you can get your comments in by August 20, they will have the most impact.

Mail your comments to:

Morgan McCosh Elmer, Project Manager
NPS Denver Service Center – Planning
12795 W Alameda Pkwy
PO Box 25287
Denver CO 80225
(303) 969-2317
cell 303-648-1046
fax: 303-969-2920

Keep your comments concise and clear.  Don’t forget to emphasize the fact that the PATH EIS scope needs to be expanded to cover the whole line.  We also need to educate the feds about the fact that PATH isn’t needed anyway and that the best alternative for the PATH line is the one in which PATH doesn’t get built.

If you couldn’t make it to one of the four scoping meetings last week, sit down with The Power Line for a half hour and put your comments down on paper or in an email.  Here is another great source of ideas for comments.

This is your chance to have a real impact.  We need your help in the EIS process to stop PATH.