Susquehanna-Roseland Line Could Force School Closure

Here is a link to a recent story from the Morristown, NJ Daily Record.

It seems that the only school in Montville, NJ may have to close because EMF levels resulting from the addition of the Susquehanna-Roseland line in the immediate area will put EMF exposure at the school above safe levels.

A note for people in Upshur County, an Allegheny Energy PR guy recently told the Upshur County School Board that “[t]he World Health Organization and American Cancer Institute drew the conclusion that there was no scientific evidence to link electromagnetic fields to leukemia and childhood cancers.”

That statement is not exactly what the WHO has said.  The words “conclusion” and “no scientific evidence” seem reassuring.  The WHO’s EMF study project is actually a continuing effort to support and develop worldwide research on all forms of electro-magnetic field health effects in humans.  The WHO has stated that the current state of research has shown no clear links between power line EMF exposure and cancers.

Real science, not the reassuring platitudes of industry PR people, is not about definite yeses or noes.  There is always more research to be done, and today’s conclusions could be turned upside down by tomorrow’s new discoveries.  Here is a link to the WHO’s EMF Project Web site, so you can see for yourself.

The New Jersey article notes that the WHO’s own standard for maximum exposure to power line EMF radiation is 3 milliGauss.  AEP/Allegheny have admitted on their own PATH Web site that EMF levels 200 feet from the PATH line will range from 75 to 125 milliGauss.

Why would the WHO have a maxium safe exposure level, if power line EMF were harmless?

Update:  Here is a more recent article on the situation with the school. The power company building the Susquehanna-Roseland line is paying the school system $950,000 to reconfigure the school to move children away from the EMF emitted by the power lines.  At the same time, the power company still argues that EMF are harmless.  $950,000 worth of harmless?