“The system is not outdated, it is just misused,”

Thank you, Blonde Moment (WVaBlue), for leading me to this excellent article.  This story, What’s wrong with the electric grid? by Eric Lerner from the The Industrial Physicist explains clearly how deregulated energy trading is causing stresses on the national energy grid not outdated or under-capacity equipment.

National energy trading that exploded after the late 1990s directly conflicts with the basic physics of operating huge AC electricity networks.  Not only has deregulation dramatically destabilized the national grid, but electricity prices have risen, contrary to the promises of the deregulators.

The article demonstrates, through a discussion of the scientific principles of electrical transmission, that building a bigger, more interconnected grid is a recipe for more blackouts.

Rest assured, PATH, TrAIL and MAPP will not increase reliability and stability.  They are only designed to allow the big energy traders like Goldman Sachs and Citibank, as well as the trading subsidiaries of AEP and Allegheny Energy, to generate huge energy trading profits while we pay for the power lines.